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Alfie Bears Journey on Tour

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America Collage


Our neighbours Michelle and Craig are currently touring America and decided they wanted to raise awareness of Alfie's Journey with DIPG while they were out there.

They have been snapping photo's of Alfie's wristbands at famous landmarks, and we are all enjoying seeing them.

Here is a collage showing Alfie's wristband at 'The Hard Rock Cafe' 'Statue of Liberty' 'Hoover Dam' 'Red Rock Canyon, Nevada' and 'Casino Hotel in Las Vegas'


While in Las Vegas, Michelle put on her Alfie's Journey Fund running vest and ran the Vegas Strip.

On her travels, Michelle met a Police Officer who was wearing the same coloured top. He happily had his photo taken with her!

Michelles Las Vegas Run

This has become a theme, as next stops in Dallas and New Orléans, Michelle had her photo taken with some more Police Officers.

She also got a picture with a Las Vegas Fire engine as our Alfie loved the fire brigade :-)

america collage 2

On the 22nd March while in New Orléans, Michelle ran the 'New Orleans Superhero Race.'

Michelle was dressed in Alfie's charity colours, blue shorts, yellow vest and a red cape.

Well done on completing the race Michelle, we are all so proud.

Super Hero Collage

On the 28th March, Michelle completed the 'Ladies First! New York Half Marathon' :-)

Big thank you to Michelle and we look forward to seeing her medal when she gets back to the UK.


NY Collage

We hope you enjoyed seeing these photo's as much as we did. 

We would like to say thank you to Michelle and Craig for using some of their holiday time to raise awareness of Alfie's Journey with DIPG ♥


Japan 2015

Big thank you to Nanami Suzuki who sent in this photo of one of Alfie's wristbands in Japan :-)

Alfie meets Japan


Alfie's wristband travelled to Mallorca, Spain August 2014 :-D

wristband mallorca


Alfie's wristband travelled to Turkey July 2015. Big thank you to Tracey Holt :-)


wristband turkeywristband turkey 2


Alfie's wristband travelled to Rome 2015. Thank you to Tracey Holt for sending us these fab photo's :-D

Alfie romeAlfie Rome 2Alfie Rome 3



The first wristband to travel was when Dave Evenett climbed mount Snowdon in aid of our Alfie back in May 2014.

Dave signed one of Alfie's wristbands at 1085mtrs. Big thank you to Dave :-D


wristband snowdonwristband snowdon 2


♥ Alfie's wristbands on Alfie's memorial beach 2015 ♥


wristband memorial 



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